New photos with Johnny Love casual wear

We have been contacted so many times about the user friendliness of our ties. Repeatedly, the same question is left with a question mark. How does the ties match modern urban wear? At first the worlds most exclusive tie was ment to be a tie for the special occasion. The 17th of May and so forth. But then we started using it in every day situations, and my god it worked. It may have something to do with todays fashion, but still it’s a timeless piece of clothing. And maby what I like the most of it is, that it’s the way the Norwegians wore their Norwegian costumes for  every day use, a hundred years ago. And by modernizing it, we can still do! :-)

Here are the pictures from our new photoshoot, last weekend:


Ørskog Black, taken at Ringve Mansion, Trondheim, Norway




Lundey Blue, taken at Trondheim pier

Rogaland Blue, taken at Trondheim pier